Pluralism Sunday – all year long!

Haven’t we all wished that there was a Progressive Christian event nearer to our house?  Isn’t it frustrating to have all the good stuff happen “somewhere else”?  Well, here’s an opportunity that is as close as your own church or community.

May 1, 2011 was Pluralism Sunday, and we invite all of you to get involved in this special event –  all year long!

Pluralism Sunday was created as a celebration of our interfaith world.  Churches around the world have entered into this spirit by dedicating their worship service to the rich diversity of other faith traditions.  We encourage each of you to get your church involved – learn something new, include a different group, reach out beyond where you are comfortable and experience a deeper compassion for those around you.

Also, we think that the spirit of pluralism is broader than just a church service.  Inclusion, respect, and honoring the differences of others are values that all of us can embrace – every day.  Why don’t we use Pluralism Sunday as a way to jumpstart compassion in our own lives?

We can All get back to our roots of loving our neighbor in very simple ways — give flowers to the elderly lady down the street who gave your kids candy at Halloween… offer to clean out a neighbor’s flower bed because you know they hurt their back… host  a neighborhood BBQ and invite the Muslim family down the road and the Mormons that live on the corner… The possibilities are endless!

So often we do nothing because we think we have to do everything.  But it ends up being the little things that add up to making our world a better place for all of us.  Pluralism Sunday is an excellent opportunity to learn and grow, to reach out in love, and to respect and honor  beauty in all of it’s forms.

If each person thought of just one way they could show the spirit of pluralism that weekend, it probably still won’t make the evening news, but it’s certainly Being the change we want to see in the world!

Join us!

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