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Theological Degrees and Certificates for the 21st Century Are Now Being Offered by Online University

Global Ministries University has launched a number of programs that include the latest information related to the New Testament and the historical Jesus.  Progressive Christians have the opportunity to earn a Doctor of Theology, Master of Theology, or certificate with a concentration in contemporary Christianity.

Many courses are based on books related to this topic, for example, John Shelby Spong’s Liberating the Gospels and Michael Morwood’s Is Jesus God?   Also available are courses based on DVD’s, such as the Living the Questions series, which is an introduction to progressive Christianity featuring Lloyd Geering, Matthew Fox, Meagan McKenna, Hans Küng, Barbara Rossing and a host of other Biblical scholars, theologians, and authors.  Another such course available is based on the DVD Eclipsing the Empire, a contemporary analysis of Paul’s message presented by Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan.

The Th.D. degree program consists of four courses and a doctoral project and can be custom-designed.  Rather than a required curriculum, students are able to participate in the selection of courses.  The M.Th. can also be completely custom-designed. This degree completion program is geared for the adult learner and gives applicants the opportunity to be awarded credit for prior learning and life experience.  Also offered is a graduate and undergraduate certificate that consists of four courses, as well as a two-course mini-certificate.

These programs can be earned completely online. There are no registration or start dates, making it possible to apply and begin at any time. The method of study is self-directive, which allows students to work at their own pace; that is, they can either fit studies into a busy schedule or accelerate studies and complete coursework as soon as possible.  Highly-qualified instructors, who have an extensive background in their field, typically give essay-type assignments that empower students to express themselves and channel their learning process in a direction that supports their particular spiritual journey.

GMU is an interreligious learning institution that also offers degrees and certificates in the areas of peace studies, world religions, feminist studies, sacred arts, sacred music, and pastoral ministry.  For further information, visit  or contact the Global Ministries University Office: – 866 419-8020.

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