New Website in 2012!

We are pleased to announce that a new global portal for Progressive Christianity is just around the corner! In early will have a brand new website.

The new will be socially interactive, full of new resources and liturgy, and globally connecting.

It will be easier to find community and share your community with others! In fact, it will be easier to share everything with people all over the world. We will have an open directory and an interactive global map. In the true spirit of Progressive Christianity, we will have an open doors policy allowing anyone to list themselves or their community in our directory and to submit articles, books, and other resources to be considered. You will also be able to comment on and review all of these instantly! Connecting and sharing with others will be easier than ever!

I am really excited about this updated website because it will enable all of us to engage with each other much easier, and the resources you find through ProgressiveChristianity.orgwill be much more accessible. Our directory will be expanded too and it will be even easier to find progressives in your area. And for any of you who have ever had trouble logging on to our old website, or ever had the system reject your credit card – Rejoice! Those days are behind us!

Though it may take a little while to make the transition, and there will probably be a glitch or two along the way, so far I feel really confident that the benefit of having an updated, simplified website will make those temporary problems seem worth it.

The other exciting change has to do with affiliation. Over the past few years that we have had affiliations, we’ve discovered something. For every church or individual who has affiliated with us, about three don’t affiliate because it feels scary or confusing to them. We’ve had a lot of feedback from people who just want to be a part of our community but dislike the “club” mentality that affiliation brings with it. After all, the third point of our 8-points is about seeking community that is Inclusive!

So, starting early next year, we will be discontinuing our affiliation program. All parts of our new website will be accessible – no log-in required! You will still need a username and password for making comments on the site, but there is no longer going to be an “affiliates section” separated off from the rest. We want our resources to be available to Everybody! This goes for the directory also – no more rules about who is in the directory and who is not. If you want your name or church listed – you’re in!

To make this possible, we will continue to rely on people just like you who see a vision for a more loving and compassionate Christianity. Rather than a yearly “membership,” you can have your donations look however you want – you can have a one-time a year donation, or give to a specific project. You can give bi-annually or a little every month. We’ll even have the capability to automatically charge your credit card so that giving is even easier for you!

I’m excited about the changes coming up. And I’m so thankful that we are on this journey together! Please check us out at and let us know how you like the new website. Let’s continue to grow and change together!


Fred Plumer


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