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Invitation to submit a commentary or article to the Journal of Cosmology

Dear Colleague,

We live in interesting times. Many scientists are nervous about the fact that a contemporary understanding of the quantum nature of our Universe seems to require its having been carefully designed and structured for life to emerge and flourish. Three arguments are being advanced within the science community to support this premise:

* Reductionism (reductivism) seems to show that our universe is so finely tuned, with numbers such as the speed of light, gravitational constant, Planck’s constant, electron charge, proton mass, etc, have values which, if changed only slightly, would preclude the emergence of life as we know it. This has produced anthropic arguments and “multiple universe” arguments, but is nevertheless troubling to many scientists.

* The quantum origin of our universe “built out of nothing from quantum possibility” seems to require that some wave function describing all the particles requires a consciousness to collapse that quantum field of potential before the Newtonian forces we see in evidence from the inflationary beginning, to operate as the laws of physics. What Cosmic Intelligence caused the initial collapse of that quantum field?

* As we study the Universe of Universes, we see the entirety as having a common quantum field that describes both particles and consciousness, so that a divine consciousness can operate within all universes on all levels within the Universe of Universes. It seems as if a “subspace” (reference to Star Trek) pervades all universes as the defining field that had previously been defined as the realm of the quantum potential, going back to Schroedinger.

As science now notices these attributes, it becomes increasingly possible for a rational informed citizen/scientist to simply conclude that the universe was designed and constructed with an intent that life should emerge within a framework of divine guidance.

Thus, the online open access peer-reviewed journal for astronomers, astrophysicists, astrobiologists, and cosmologists, the Journal of Cosmology (JOC) hereby invites philosophers, theologians, and ethicists to submit scholarly commentaries (up to 1000 words) or articles (up to 3000 words) for a special September 2012 issue concerning mutual implications among astronomy, astrophysics, astrobiology, cosmology, theology, and ethics (special guest editor, Theodore Walker Jr.).

The online Journal of Cosmology ordinarily publishes refereed scientific and mathematical works. Now, theologians and philosophers are invited to join the discussion. It may be helpful to begin with an exploration of recent issues of the Journal of Cosmology at the address given below.

Because the refereed Journal of Cosmology is abstracted and indexed with traditional mathematical and highly technical literature, we require constraint in use of those terms laden with religious baggage, like “faith” and G**; and we particularly request that such words be avoided in titles and abstracts, which will be indexed and reproduced alongside papers on scientific results from NASA programs, and mathematical formulations of black hole theory, etc. We hope you will see this as an opportunity to express ideas about connections between theology and scientific cosmology.

Instructions for submission, including listing of 5 potential reviewers, and information about style are available at the JOC website:

Manuscripts should be submitted to: < >.

Commentaries (up to 1000 words) incur no processing or publication fees, and do not require a list of 5 potential peer reviewers.

Articles (1001-3000 words) normally require a processing fee ($35.00) and, if accepted for publication, a publication fee ($150.00).

JOC is online, open access, and averages over 800,000 hits a month. Other scientific journals with a fraction of this readership charge, on average, $2,500.00 to publish an online article.

All articles will be peer reviewed and must be written to be understood by a broad range of scientists who are not experts in your field. From 30% to 50% of invited paper have been rejected in the past, so let me stress: all papers must be scientific or scholarly and contain citations to the literature which have been published in scholarly journals.

JOC is abstracted by Google Scholar, Open J-Gate, Polymer Library, ProQuest, ResearchGATE, adsabs.Harvard, arXiv, etc.

This is an excellent opportunity to present your work to a large community of scientists.

You are welcome to borrow liberally from your previous work.

We would need to receive your commentary or article by no later than 01 September 2012.

Coauthors are welcome, and you may share this invitation with your colleagues.

Rudy Schild, Ph.D.
Center for Astrophysics
Journal of Cosmology

Theodore Walker Jr.
Perkins School of Theology @ SMU
Guest Editor

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