Wild Goose Festival takes off

This year, in an effort to expand attendance and participation, Wild Goose East will meet June 21-24 in North Carolina, while Wild Goose West will meet at the Benton County Fairgrounds near Portland, Ore., Aug. 31-Sept. 2.

Wild Goose’s organizers have intentionally created an event that pushes the limits of theological discussion, even on issues like homosexuality. The conference generated some controversy last year by inviting singer/songwriter Jennifer Knapp, a popular artist who recently came out as a lesbian.

“We want to build friendships with everyone who comes,” said Wild Goose’s executive director, Gareth Higgins. “Sexuality causes people to divide themselves along intellectual positions. Rather than divide, we want to create a space that promotes the common good.”

Higgins believes that common good includes a conversation that takes seriously all of human experience, including sexuality. “The loud voices are not doing justice to the human condition,” he said.

To read the complete story, detailing Wild Goose’s historical context in relation to the Cornerstone festival, head to Religion News Service.

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