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Jesus Through Pagan Eyes Press Release


As we approach Christmas and the celebration of the birth of the most famous man ever to live, perhaps it’s time for a new spin on a very old story. Perhaps it’s time to look one again at this timeless tale, but through a completely different set of eyes!

JESUS THROUGH PAGAN EYES is for anyone (Christian, Pagan, Agnostic or Other) who is open to insights that will shock, disturb and challenge many, and excite, delight and comfort many more.

It’s time to reclaim the ‘divine’ baby who was (understandably) thrown out with the church’s dirty bath water.

Preface by Barbara Erskine

Foreword by Matthew Fox


There are knowledge transmitters–and then there are “knowledge makers” who have the courage, skill, and experience to put things together in new and revelatory ways. Knowledge makers re-configure our minds, our eyes, and our ears to receive bigger and better things. Mark Townsend is doing just that. We were not ready for Jesus, so some will not be ready for his followers either. Please don’t be afraid!
Fr. Richard Rohr O.F.M.

Mark Townsend is a priest whose understanding of God made it impossible for him to live inside traditional religious boundaries. In this book he tells us why in a compelling and provocative way and in the process draws his readers into fascinating new images. This volume will make a major contribution to freeing Christianity to live in the world that is emerging.
Bishop John Shelby Spong

For those of us who have discovered our spirituality outside churches, there remains the question of how to see and relate to Jesus, the man at the center of the religion that has dominated western culture and so infiltrated our sensibilities. Mark Townsend takes on the task of exploring this question as a fellow seeker, as a Christian enriched by Paganism, creating bridges and inviting us to co-create meaning from what has always been true and essential in the stories of Jesus and our own deep knowing.
Oriah Mountain Dreamer

This is a quite remarkable work, which reveals the figure of Jesus from most unusual and fascinating perspectives, likely to have value to convinced Christians, pagans and agnostics alike.
Prof. Ronald Hutton

It has often been my experience that Christians think Pagans do not accept the Master Jesus either as a Teacher or even as an historical figure. This is patently not true. Pagans for the most part are more than willing to accept his ministry and his teachings. In fact, many of his teachings stem from the ancient world and the words given from The Sermon on the Mount are quotes from earlier times long before him. Here at last we have a collection of essays about Jesus written by Pagans. From Druids to Gnostics, Shamans to Witches and all between; this fascinating book offers a new look at the Nazarene Master, a collection of viewpoints written from the heart and containing deeply held ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. It is a book that holds out the hope that both Pagans and Christians will recognise that they have a common ground, that both have a belief in the potential divinity of humanity and both are needed in a world that is perilously close to losing all semblance of faith in the Numinous. Well known writers from both sides have come together to offer their views and ideas from Caitlin Matthews to Phillip Carr-Gomm, from Maxine Sanders to our own Steven Critchley; this is book to read slowly and gain a different viewpoint of the teacher we call The Christ.
Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

Available in Kindle too.

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