Join us in celebrating Bishop John Shelby Spong on his 90th Birthday, Wednesday June 16th!  

As a way to acknowledging the contribution Bishop Spong has made in the lives of people all over the globe, we are asking his readers who have been touched by his life and writings, and wish to honor his 90th Birthday, to help keep his books and writings alive on Progressive and Progressing Spirit by making a donation today assuring his teachings are preserved for future generations. Donate Now.

We encourage you to send him your best wishes on this his 90th birthday. Please address them to and they will all be forwarded to Bishop Spong.

Progressive/Integral Congregation seeks Leadership

Inviting letters of interest for Leadership of progressive, post-modern, interfaith congregation in western Colorado. Historic open and affirming community located in city of 100K+ with wonderful access to Colorado mountains and deserts. See Submit letters of interest with resume to Koinonia Spiritual Community, 730 25 Rd. Grand Junction, CO 81505 or Koinonia

Koinonia Spiritual Community is a thriving progressive, post-modern, congregation on the West slope of the Rocky Mountains in western Colorado. The congregation has a strong history intellectual and theological openness coupled with a heart for social action and being a prophetic voice in the broader community. From a beginning grounded in Church of the Brethren and American Baptist traditions we’ve grown into a multi-denominational and multi-faith gathering that includes Christians from a breadth of traditions as well as those who learn toward Buddhist practices.

Through intense biblical studies of Marcus Borg, Dominic Crossin, and Bishop John Spong, and others the congregation has developed a solid post-modern understanding of God and spirituality. From that point we’ve continued to move theologically through the study of Ken Wilber, Thomas Keating, Richard Rohr, and many others into what we call an “Integral” understanding of who we are . The congregation currently continues to cherish its roots in the traditional understandings while building and integrated approach to spirituality that affirms truth from whatever tradition or non-tradition it may come.

The congregation is largely professional in its makeup, including a number of physicians, educators, and health professionals. It is a well-educated group with most adult members having at least a Bachelor’s degree and many with advanced degrees. The congregation has had a strong presence in Grand Junction in its stands for peace and justice and is an active participant in the Grand Valley Interfaith Network and Grand Valley Peace and Justice. In addition we have numerous outreach programs that have included an annual trip to El Salvador to build schools, hosting homeless men in our fellowship hall when the homeless shelter is full, and having a community garden that provides hundreds of pounds of produce each year to local emergency feeding programs.

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