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God Love Uganda- a New Film

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The God Loves Uganda engagement campaign will broaden the movement opposing the U.S. exportation of hate and intolerance, particularly against the LGBT community, at the hands of American Evangelical sects. We will do this by concentrating our campaign activities on the source of this intolerance (select faith-based communities in the U.S), while contributing to existing campaigns that are fighting the symptoms (i.e. the Ugandan “Kill the Gays” bill).

Please support our engagement campaign by making a tax-deductible donation. Your donation will be directed to us through the Independent Film Project (IFP), a charity which serves as our fiscal sponsor. IFP is a 501(c)(3) organization.



Three more things you can do:

Through our international screening tour and social action campaign, God Loves Uganda will serve as a catalyst for change, helping end the influence of American Evangelical extremism in Ugandan politics and government.



Here are three things YOU can do to make a difference:

1. Host a screening of God Loves Uganda


We need every faith leader in the country to vocalize opposition to violence and intolerance. Only then can we begin to stem the exportation of hate and intolerance to other countries. If you are interested in showing the film in your city, please let us know.






2. Spread the word (and our trailer!)

It’s important that as many people as possible become aware of the film and the important issues it highlights. A great way of doing so is by posting our trailer on your Facebook page or blog. Here’s the YouTube link to our trailer:




3. Join us in our social circles

The beginning of change always starts with a dialogue. We’re looking for that conversation via Twitter and Facebook as well.


Join us:

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