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U.S. Drone Strikes Against U.S. Citizens?

A Discussion

Published on Liberty Magazine

The Question

U.S. drone strikes against American citizens have been in the news for some time time now. Certainly Attorney General Eric Holder’s admonition last week that the president has legal authority to order a targeted strike against an American citizen located within the United States has brought the discussion much closer to home. International terrorism, which often has roots or ties to religious fundamentalism, is the likely target of such proposed force. Is this exertion of executive power merely typical of contemporary civil rights & due process, or is it, as Senator Paul suggests, “an affront to the Constitutional due process rights of all Americans.”

Degrading Drones

Kevin James

The use of drones, either on American citizens or American enemies, is fraught with moral dilemmas.


Say No to Drones

Charles M. Kester

The U.S. Government has no business killing people without due process. However, the real issue with the use of drones, which is our right to privacy, is largely obscured by the discussion about “killing.”


No Constitutional Authority

Gerald Chipeur

Constitutional rights are not based on the geographic location of an individual. American citizens are entitled to their constitutional rights anywhere and at all times.


By What Authority?

Michael D. Peabody

The threat to Americans is the encroachment of laws, such as the NDAA which could allow innocent citizens to be tagged as terrorists, be stripped of Constitutional rights such as a speedy trial, and be thrown into prison indefinitely without opportunity to be represented by attorneys or to appeal their cases.


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