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Women’s Victory in Texas!

Senator Wendy Davis led a 13-hour filibuster in the Texas Senate to defeat SB5, a sweeping anti-choice bill that would have forced the closure of most of the abortion clinics in the state.

When the president of the Senate called the third Point of Order on Davis, ending her filibuster, her colleagues were able to tie up proceedings for another hour. But when the president worked to push through a vote near midnight, the women of Texas took over, chanting so loudly that the Senate could not complete its business.

Chaos ruled for the next two hours, as thousands protested both inside and outside the capitol building. Police took several women away in handcuffs. The president claimed the vote was taken before the midnight deadline, but hours later the Lt. Gov. ruled that the official time of the vote was 12:03 and therefore invalid.

SB5 is dead in Texas thanks to Texas women! You are an inspiration to all of us!

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