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Bishop Spong Website in Spanish!

The AML (Marcel Légaut Association) is a cultural and independent association which aims to spread the work of Marcel Légaut, a French Christian mathematician who was neither a philosopher nor a theologist but who started a deep and personal reflection around mankind’s condition and existence, as well as the work of other authors who are in some way connected to Légaut’s line of thought. Bishop John S. Spong is one of them, and excerpts of his work have been published in the AML’s yearly journal “Cuadernos de la Diáspora”.

We are pleased to be partnering with and in the endeavor to offer Bishop Spong’s work to the Spanish speaking world.

The aim of this website,, is to translate some of Bishop Spong’s columns so that they reach the Spanish-speaking public, to whom he is barely known, while he is one of the main transmitters of an open and liberal Christianity in the English-speaking world. John S. Spong has, for over fifty years, endeavored to bring academic knowledge on the Old and New Testament to all people, that is, to “believers in exile,” to those who participate in groups or communities, and to “old Christian students”.

The website offers a complete biography of Bishop Spong. The titles will give you a first impression of his interests and contributions. Spong speaks to those who are drawn to profound human issues through a variety of traditions who have their source in Jesus of Nazareth. What is key to Spong is that nobody should stop living in today’s world or suffer an “intellectual lobotomy” in order to have access to this knowledge and to an intelligent Christianity.

Beginning from August 7th Bishop Spong’s columns on the Origins of the New Testament is being weekly uploaded. The first 4 columns will be on the website for free so that this Series may be evaluated. The rest will be sent once a week to the email address of those who subscribe.

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