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Donation Opportunity – free books for students

I am the current president of the Progressive Christians society at University of Essex (Colchester).We were ratified last academic year, and we’ll start formally next year.
Unfortunately according to Student’s Union regulations we need to find 15 members to be a recognised society.
What this means to us as a newly founded group is that we need to find 10 people in one day, during Fresher’s Fair.
As I am sure you are well aware, most students keen on joining a Christian society are evangelical, and would chose the Christian Union over us, with our support of LGBT rights and no mandatory statements of faith.As part of our actions to attract the required number of members, we’ve decided that people joining should be given a free book.

This is the reason I’m writing.

Could you consider circulating this e-mail or even sponsor us by donating some copies of either of the following books:

We do not ask for money, just for these books, as we think it is the best way to show this is not a scam.

Please check our Facebook page and SU Page

The books can be delivered to:

Progressive Christians
c/o Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Centre
University of Essex
Wivenohe Park

Thank you

Simone Ramacci
BSc Genetics, Year 1 Student
University of Essex St John Ambulance LINKS, Funds Officer
Progressive Christians – University of Essex, President & Founder

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  1. Simone Ramacci August 22, 2014 at 12:50 am

    Just wanted to add that the links are to the cheapest seller we could find, and that Kissing Fish is the preferred book.

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