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Progressive Pastor Seeks to Serve Expat Church

Ordained American pastor experienced in both church start-ups and growing existing churches who’s fluent in Spanish seeks to serve “expat” church in country where Spanish is spoken.

The church would have a mission somewhat like this:

“To be a bridge (1) of cooperation and understanding among religious groups of all faiths; (2) of acceptance of others regardless of social class, race, gender, or sexual orientation; (3) between all of God’s children, mirroring and practicing the love God has for us; (4) of freedom in the study of religion, the interpretation, and the practice of faith; and (5) for God’s love in a troubled world, expressing a generosity of spirit to all those in need.”

Progressive and inclusive, the congregation would also agree that:

–“Church” should be a community of people coming together to seek and to celebrate God in their lives.

–“Church” should be spiritual rather than religious, organic over organizational, and personal beyond institutional.

–“Church” should be where all can find support in becoming the special, unique, individuals God created us to be … as well as to be part of a
welcoming, caring, and sharing community.

–“Church” should teach that God’s love is unconditional … that God’s grace is freely given, not earned … and that each of us is wonderfully created in the likeness of the Sacred.

–“Church” should dedicate as much of its resources to caring for others as it does to caring for itself.

–“Church” should work for the greater good by being active in service, mission, ministry, compassion, and social justice.

–“Church” should encourage us to ask questions as, together, we deal with the challenges of faith, belief, and observance.

–“Church” should think outside of the box and be eager to learn from other faith traditions … open to different styles of worship … and looking forward toward new possibilities or potential for ministry.

–“Church” should support the full inclusion of all people in its life and ministry. Our diversity is a reflection of the divine imprint we share.

If interested, please contact me: and/or check out my current church website:

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