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Small Progressive Faith Community Committed to Social Justice Looking for Half-Time Pastor

Christ Church, Presbyterian (CCP) in Burlington, Vermont has been on the cutting edge of “beholding a new thing” since its founding in 1955. Beginning as a traditional “new church development” in a growing residential neighborhood, the church rejected the traditional models- like building an attractive new building- in order to focus on mission programs and serious adult study. In its history, CCP owned and operated one of the earliest of “downtown coffee house ministries” and, as a sanctuary church, housed a Guatemalan family in our modest building. We declared ourselves a More Light church in 1984 and actively participated in the ecclesiastical battles over the issues of gay ordination and same-sex marriage.

In our studies, we have read many of the works of Marcus Borg, Dominic Crossan, John Shelby Spong, Robin Meyers, Walter Brueggemann, Barbara Brown Taylor and, most recently, Gretta Vosberg. While the congregation’s theology is not monolithic, there is a strong progressive component the yearns to bring theology and liturgy into the twenty-first century.

Like most Protestant churches, our numbers have declined and we see too few young families. We are looking for a half-time “stated supply” that is interested in providing the leadership needed to move with us into the next phase of our becoming yet again, a new thing.

For more information, contact John Owen
Phone: (802) 495-0710

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