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Progressive Christianity is a path of inclusion, respect, service, mindfulness, and joy. We need to help more people become aware of this type of Christianity, which is truly a more accurate representation of Jesus’ teachings and can offer healing and meaning to people’s lives, transforming us and our communities.


How many of us have felt all alone in the world?


How many of us have felt connected to the teachings of Jesus, but sick and tired of fundamental Christianity which preaches sexism, racism, fear, and ignorance?


We are making progressive Christianity a strong voice of inclusion and compassion in the world. And we are reaching out to those that feel isolated in their beliefs. is fully readership supported. We literally can’t continue on without your generous support.


The world needs our voice today more than ever. If Christianity is to survive, it has to progress.


Donate today and help the movement grow. 


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Year One ALT cover for web A Joyful Path, Children’s Curriculum, Year One, handbook and DVD: A Joyful Path is progressive, spiritual, intelligent, inclusive, and highly acclaimed. This curriculum is great for Sunday school, intentional communities, local groups, and in home use.This behavior over belief curriculum is non-dogmatic, inter-spiritual, and heart centered.


inclusive hymns 5 Hymnal book package: Are you tired of singing the same outdated irrelevant hymns in your faith community? This package of music will revitalize your community’s liturgy and lift your spirits with a focus on inclusive, relevant, and meaningful language.

Hymn books included: Progressive Hymns by William Flanders, Inclusive Hymns for Liberation, Peace, and Justice by Jann Aldredge-Clanton, Eternal Spirit: Songs of the Cosmic Spirit by Emily KiersteadThe Wonder of Life, Song Book- Sheet Music to 29 Original Hymns by R. Scott Kearns, and Sing and Dance and Play with Joy, Inclusive Songs for Young Children by Jann Aldredge-Clanton and Larry E. Schultz



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