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Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality Announces “A Call to Transform” $1 Million Fundraising Campaign

Boulder, Colorado, June 25, 2018—The Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality has launched its $1 million fundraising campaign “A Call to Transform” designed to support the Institute’s future with investments in student access and scholarships, faculty, enhanced public awareness, and innovative programs. This year-long campaign will focus on elevating the Institute’s mission of service throughout the world.

“We are at a critical juncture in history,” explains Dr. Stuart Lord, Fox Institute President. “There is a desperate need for higher education to birth courageous, authentic leaders in all fields and professions. This need will only be filled by an educational system which possesses a spiritual foundation, rooted in and supported by all faith and wisdom traditions. The Fox Institute exists for one sole purpose—serving that need in students from all walks of life and vocations.”

Dr. Lord stressed that while quantifiable measures are important in determining the success of an institution, it is the quality of the education that sets the Fox Institute apart from other graduate schools. With that in mind, he defined the A Call to Transform campaign as “evolving education to the next level” where a student’s spiritual depth directly correlates to their effectiveness in their family life, work, and service to their community. “We develop leaders and give them the tools to succeed,” said Dr. Lord.

The Institute will focus on the following funding priorities including:

  •  Developing innovative technologies: Leverage advanced communications technologies to bring programs to those unable to access our physical campus by establishing an online curriculum and facilitating distance learning.
  •  Establishing student scholarships: Reduced cost is essential to a diverse student body and vital to students struggling with educational debt.
  •  Enhancing contemplative education: Assisting students in integrating their faith and wisdom traditions into their daily lives.
  •  Training corporate leaders: Bring the Fox Institute’s conscious leadership curriculum to the corporate training arena.
  •  Establishing ‘Wisdom Chairs’: Engage thought leaders from all wisdom traditions to co-create a future vision for the Institute.
  •  Sponsoring cohort teachers: Establish a mentorship program to encourage a more dynamic, collaborative, and supportive learning environment to nourish students.

“Since we opened in October, every single student has shared that the FICS courses have been transforming both personally and professionally. We are exceeding expectations in the educational experience. With this funding campaign we will be able to expand those opportunities to others and foster the transformative and compassionate action that our planet requires,” said Susan Coppage Evans, DMin, the Institute’s founding president, who with her husband Leon Evans, MD, provided initial funding for the Institute. “To assist in this initiative, we have secured private donors who will match funds donated by July 16th up to $100,000 and we call on the community to meet this generous and ambitious challenge.”

The Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality (FICS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and opened its doors in October of 2017. The Institute offers doctoral and master’s degrees, certificates, and lifelong learning programs to a diverse population of students. Approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education to operate as a religious school, the Institute implements a holistic pedagogy unique to higher education by blending the wisdom of all religious traditions with the arts and science. Through the utilization of five-day intensives, the Fox Institute enables its students to be informed by both creativity and critical thinking, thus enabling them to embody transformative leadership.

More information can be found on the Fox Institute website at

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Creation Spirituality is a tradition and a movement. It embodies and reflects the wisdom of the world’s religious and spiritual teachings and our common creation-story as mirrored by science and the arts. It calls upon the interconnectedness of all individuals to be co-creators of peace, justice, beauty, ecological responsibility, and compassionate action.

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