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Jesus Came to Set the Record Straight

For believers, understanding our relationship with God is essential.

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El Paso is Bethlehem

Today there are Bethlehems all over the world as families are forced to leave home environments, travel to places unprepared for them, and find a way to survive on their own.

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Giving Christianity Back to Agape Love

A New Paradigm for Being Church Together

How could a church that has been plagued by anti-Semitism, the killing of the Crusades, and the violence of the Inquisition (to name a few) be redeemed of these evils? Quite simply, it has always returned to Jesus.

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Green Christ: Myth, Mystery and Mycelia – Part 1

In this episode ‘Green Christ’ we will explore an ancient archetype of the divine that takes us “out of the mind” so that we can return to the body, deep in the somatic, erotic, and the instinctual polyphonous flesh of the world, a wilder incarnation.

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Upside-Down Apocalypse: Grounding Revelation in the Gospel of Peace

  A peacemaker’s guide to the book of Revelation The book of Revelation—which deals on a cosmic scale with good and evil, politics and empire, community and eternity—has intrigued and frustrated readers since it was written. How …

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Original Blessing: A Primer in Creation Spirituality

Presented in Four Paths, Twenty-Six Themes, and Two Questions

Here is a reissue of the critically acclaimed bestseller, named one of the “20 books that changed the world” in New Age Journal’s Annual Source Book for 1995.

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Grown Up Gratitude

This week’s reading is a Sunday school children’s favorite — the story of Zacchaeus, a tax collector who climbs a tree to see Jesus.

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If It Didn’t Happen, Why Is It in My Holy Book?

A Challenge for Progressive Christian Religious Education

Bishop John Shelby Spong did an invaluable service to the advancement of a progressive Christian movement by demonstrating, in numerous popular books, that a literal interpretation of the Bible is not tenable.

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Christianity Reformed

Jesus was out to reform society—to change the way humans treat one another during their earthly journey. 

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Faith and Politics

The ills of society.  One might argue that both Christianity and politics confront the ills of society head on.  Then why is there such a rift between them? 

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Messiah? No

The terms messiah and messianism have, of late, been resurrected in the political sphere. For some, Trump is the second messiah, come to liberate us from the devilish democratic cabal who eat children and worship satan,  thereby creating the kingdom of god as envisioned by heartless, authoritarian Republicans.

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The Driving Force Behind White Christian Nationalism

The time has come to recognize an inconvenient truth. Christianity for many has become a political ideology with no connection to the love and goodness that comes from God.

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The Search for Hope, Trust and Contentment

I hope what I offer can produce a new understanding of how Christianity became so out of date and how we can more faithfully interpret the Bible and faithfully live in the Way of Jesus—living in hope, trust and contentment.

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The One Body of Christ

Discovering the Truth That Will Set You Free

The One Body of Christ will transfigure the way you know God, yourself, and the world around you. This eye-opening look at Scripture, philosophy, and scientific discoveries will allow you to take the leap into Spiritual hyperspace.

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a short sermon for inside a *women's prison

I’ve been convinced that the Sermon on the Mount is all about Jesus’ lavish blessing of the people around him on that hillside who his world—like ours—didn’t seem to have much time for: people in pain, people who work for peace instead of profit, people who exercise mercy instead of vengeance.

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On Defeating Trumpism: The Answer Lies in the New Testament

If Jesus were here, he would say it is all about economic justice. That is what so many of his teachings in the New Testament are all about. The prophets echo his plea.

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Christianity Without Dogma

A Personalized Way to Deconstruct Christian Beliefs and Practices

Do you long for a healthy and abundant spiritual life, yet feel disillusioned by how Christianity has become about politics, money, and control?

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Amending the Christian Story

he Natural Sciences as a Window into Grounded Faith and Sustainable Living

Why has Christianity been around for a mere 2,000 years when Earth life has abounded for 3.8 billion years and even humans for nearly 300,000 years? What was God doing all this time? And what if humans are not the center of God’s universe?

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