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The Liberating Birth of Jesus: A Birth Story Able to Reverse Our Planet’s Perils

What? The birth of Jesus as told in the gospels is not the same story as the “Christmas story” in holiday celebrations? No, and this book explains why. They exist in two different worldviews. The gospels thrive in the creation worldview, but the Christmas story was born in empire’s worldview.

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Pride: The Root of all Sin and Division

The Medieval church understood that pride is the granddaddy of all the other sins. How can this be?

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A Clean, Safe Place

Inspired by poem of William Blake

And will those feet in modern time,
Walk upon earth’s fair mountains green?

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Suicide and the Bible

  Question & Answer   Q: By Joyce “I’m curious where the idea came from that if a person commits suicide that person does not go to heaven. I don’t recall anything in the Bible saying that.” A: …

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Mystical Activism

Transforming a World In Crisis

In Mystical Activism, we each hold the power to change the world right where we are. To call these “end times” is not hyperbole. We are in trouble and the signs are everywhere: extreme political divisions; xenophobic violence; enormous wealth inequity; poverty and homelessness; racism, sexism, and ageism; arms buildups and unending wars; and, most critical of all, terrifying climate disruption associated with man-made global warming.

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“I am inspired by others sharing this pilgrimage and feel part of a larger movement that is changing the face of Christianity.”

When you give to, you help us provide resources to a growing global community of pastors and neighbors who no longer fit into the modern box of ‘Christianity.’ With just 3 weeks left to give, here’s another reason why your gift matters:

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Special Release for Human Rights Day!

December 10 is Human Rights Day and to honour this important global occasion, we bring you a film sure to inspire the exploration of a common thread we all share: our humanity.

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Being honest and sharing what you believe

How can I be honest and share what I believe with the people I grew up with? Don’t think they will speak to me again. And some are my family members. How do I share my new beliefs when discussions come up?

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Who’s free speech protecting these days?

Free speech is one of the cornerstones of American Democracy. However, what are the boundaries of free speech? In the current political milieu, the protection of free speech appears to have an amorphous and wide expanse when it comes to sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and xenophobic rants on many social media platforms and college campuses.

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Self (portrait) Love

An exercise in self-love.

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Scrooge Longer

The story should be approached more carefully in order to capture its spirit, its “message,” and less doctrinally. Though we have come to celebrate this gem as a—perhaps the–Christmas story, I’d urge us progressives to put aside the story’s Christian provenance while still admiring its central, its deeply humane affirmation. And we should above all appreciate the profoundly secular arena in which it plays out.

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St. Nicholas Is Too Old and Too Tired to Defeat the Selling Power of Santa Claus!

Today: the Feast of St. Nicholas, the ancient precursor to the modern Santa Claus, will pass without much ado. Some will try to encourage us to resurrect St. Nicholas to save us all from Santa’s powers for we have gone astray. To those well meaning souls who would rid Christmas of its flagrant consumerism, I can only offer up a feeble, “Baa Humbug!”

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Reflections on God

Laying To Rest the God of Supernatural Theism

In support of progressive Christianity, it is important, in the church and in our Christian faith, that we present the Bible, God, and Jesus in ways that are believable.

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First, Save Democracy

For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.  (Paul, Ephesians 6:12, NRSV)

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Reconciling Western Soteriology with Eastern Sophiology

It’s fair to say that two points of view concerning the life and death of Jesus developed early within Christianity. One was carried by the Christian West and is still prominent in the West today. The other was carried by the Christian East and may not be as well known to a lot of Western Christians.

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Updated Church Service

I fully support regular church attendance but not to worship. I go to give thanks to my ancient ancestors who strove so hard against violence and kept humanity progressing. I’ve written a sample service for updating Christianity to today’s reality.

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How I Pray to God

My friend, Aria Nostic (self-proclaimed agnostic, if not atheistic) asked me how I pray to God, if God is not a personal god. “We know there is no supernatural god in heaven intervening in nature and human affairs.”

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(Dys)function and Family: Holiday Guilt Trips

Holidays have always been challenging as families from divergent views try to gather around one table and reconnect. Now, in our deeply polarized political environment in which most of us only expose ourselves to media that confirms our biases, even people with DNA and history in common find one another to be so profoundly “other” that they can barely tolerate one another.

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