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Some Practices to Prepare for Facing Evil

We continue our meditations on Evil and Hatred.  To go deeper, to face these realities, we must become stronger.  How do we do that?

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Journey of the Universe: 10 Years Later Podcast

Episode 3 ~ Tiokasin Ghosthorse

An award-winning musician and activist on behalf of Indigenous peoples, Tiokasin is the Founder, Host, and Executive Producer of “First Voices Radio.”

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Well Collective

Music For Churches. For Conferences. For people who worship

Our team that we send out as a band can be booked as an all-inclusive worship leading package, or in partnership with some of a church’s current team members who serve the band in worship.

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Why Meditate? A Review of Mindful Christianity by Jim Burklo

Burklo’s book refocuses Christianity away from doctrine and belief to knowing God through mindful practice and the compassionate action that follows from an enlarged perspective.

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Meaningful Messages: On Your Journey

Meaningful Messages has been created to help you to find a sense of calm and contentment.

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We live in a world characterised as ‘fragmented’. It isn’t fragmented. It’s diverse. If we ecologically pattern our thinking, we reframe it, and that applies to science and scientific thinking too.

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From Progressing Spirit: The Religious Question — and the Human Question

If Jesus was right when he said, in his inaugural address (as found in Luke 4), that the Spirit of God’s agenda is to help the oppressed, the weak, the broken-hearted, those with (in Thurman’s words) their backs against the wall, then no wonder many people are struggling with their religious identity.

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Christ Path Seminar

A previously recorded live event exploring Creation Spirituality and Sacred Activism hosted by Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey. Enjoy over 10-hours of dialogue from Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey and BONUS FOOTAGE from Joanna Macy and Bruce Chilton.

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I Love the Church, I Hate the Church: Paradox or Contradiction?

Bob LaRochelle has had a lot of experience with different churches. Raised a Roman Catholic, he was ordained a Permanent Deacon in that church. After a period of intense soul-searching, he left the Catholic Church and embarked on a career in ordained Protestant ministry.

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Jesus, Political Martyr

Sermon on April 10, 2022

Sermon by: Rev. Mark Sandlin
Presbyterian Church of the Covenant

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Matthew Fox: Essential Writings on Creation Spirituality

Selected with an Introduction by Charles Burack

In his Introduction to Matthew Fox, Dr. Burack recounts the life and influences that helped form Fox’s outlook and spirituality, from the medieval mystic Meister Eckhart to 20th century Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. The book then presents selections from all Fox’s major works.

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A Long Journey

As I reflect on my journey with Jesus, My commitment to follow him has grown, but one particular teaching impressed upon me in my youth and perpetuated by the church ever since has restricted me.  I have come to the conviction that teaching that “the Bible is the Word of God and truthful in all its writings” has served as a roadblock to prevent the church from becoming the culture changing force which Jesus imagined.   

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What I Have Come To Believe

From conservative evangelical to theological liberal, the spiritual journey of retired South Carolina United Methodist pastor the Rev. Arthur H. Holt has evolved over the years. Here, Holt explores his theology, reflecting on everything from abortion, science, sexuality, and the End Times to sin, the spirit, and the Bible.

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As War Rages, this Lent is NOT the time for Fasting! – Spring Forth

    In the wilderness of these days, I find myself tempted to retreat from the world around me. The pandemic has trained me too well in the arts of isolation. Hunkering down in the safety of my …

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Rewilding and mainline churches

Q&A with Rev. Matthew Syrdahl

How can mainstream churches be more inclusive of  Rewilding?

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New Living Spiritual Center

Experience Transformational Spirituality and Discover the Divine Within

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#Moonshine Jesus Show – February 28, 2022

On this episode Mark and Caleb journey into the MCU with a look at “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” Tune in for their progressive Christian insights about the movie.

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#Moonshine Jesus Show – February 21, 2022

Pour yourself a drink and join us for good times as we talk about pop culture, theology, and politics from progressive Christian perspective.

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