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    • Aerik Vondenburg

Homosexuality and the Misinterpretation of Scripture by Conservative Christians: An Analysis of Dr. Michael Brown’s Appearance on the Piers Morgan Show

On December 20, 2013, conservative biblical scholar Dr. Michael Brown appeared on the (now defunct) CNN’s Piers Morgan show to debate the homosexuality issue as it related to the comments that were made by one of the stars of the television show Duck Dynasty, who stated in an interview that homosexuality is a “sin.”

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Ayn Rand and Satanism

Ayn Rand was a proponent of egotistical self interest and laissez faire capitalism…To the members of the Church of Satan, this would all sound very familiar.   

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Prophecy and the Book of Revelation: A Case for Preterism

The events and characters that are described in Revelation are infused with a certain fundamental archetypal significance that can be applied to a wide array of individuals and situations—including ones in the present-day.

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Socialism, What Would Jesus Say?

What does Socialism actually mean? And how does it relate to American and Christian history?

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