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    • C. Drew Smith
    • C. Drew Smith, Ph.D.

      Industry: Education
      Location: Arkadelphia : AR : United States

      About Me
      I reside in Arkansas with my family, where I am the Director of International Programs, serve as a member of the Honors College Faculty, and have taught History and Philosophy at Henderson State University. My passion, other than my family, is early Christianity, theology, and history. Indeed, I am interested in just about any intellectual pursuit. Thus, while my blog will primarily share my thoughts on theology and religion, from time to time I may also post my thoughts on philosophy, politics, ethics, or any number of areas worth discussing. I hold a B.A. degree in Biblical Studies, a Master of Divinity from a theological seminary, and the Ph.D. in New Testament from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, where I studied with Larry Hurtado. I am an ordained minister who preaches from time to time, and I write a weekly column on religion for the local paper. I have recently renamed my blog “wilderness preacher” because it fits my vocation to be a voice of theological dissent to those who claim theological certitude. You may email any comments to me at, but I cannot promise that I will respond, but I will try. Peace!

Why I am a Progressive Christian (Part 2)

In my last column, I told briefly my story of being a progressive Christian by first describing why I am a Christian and why I continue to choose to be a Christian. The thing that has been my saving grace, that which has kept me from abandoning my faith, is that I have chosen to identify myself as a progressive Christian.

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Why I am a Progressive Christian (Part 1)

Labels are interesting things. They are attempts to define what something, or someone, is. More often than not, we put labels on others as a way of trying to define them, even though we will inevitably misrepresent …

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