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    • Colin Hannaford
    • Born in Plymouth, England in 1943 during a Luftwaffe bombing raid, Colin Hannaford joined the British Army at the age of 17. He later became a head of mathematics in the first European Union School in Britain. He has published three other books including a Socratic workbook, Teachers' and Parents' Guide and a previous personal memoir entitled “473959”, his Army ID.

Why Atheists and Religions are Wrong

For the Oxford Philosophical Society 2014 Review

I shall argue in this essay that without the mind’s faculty of imagination there would be no philosophy, no art, no music, no mathematics, no science, no religions, and no freedom of choice; that the attempts of religions to limit its expression to habits of identity, aided by the atheistic belief, now common in secular societies, that it must be applied only to material discovery, is the cause of their conflict and religious terrorism; that the crisis in modern education is similarly caused and may be similarly resolved; that the natural function of this faculty is to find manifold ways for minds to communicate, as is demonstrated by its manifestations, as described above; finally, that it is not limited to human minds, for the history of philosophy, which is also the history of humankind, would not be as it is if this were true.

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