• Compassionate Christianity
    • What, you might ask, is Compassionate Christianity?

      Christian: We do not promote a creed or tell you what to believe. Whether or not you identify as a Christian is up to you.

      Compassionate: We seek to feature inclusive, welcoming, and affirming voices and resources that reflect the compassion Jesus modeled for us. We encourage you to belong here. We welcome you to interact with us and with each other on our Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, and YouTube.

      Our objective is to provide you with compassionate Christian ideas, nourishment, resources, and community. We seek to provide inclusive, welcoming, and affirming ideas and resources, reflecting the compassion Jesus modeled for us. It is not our objective to make money. Our website and weekly email are completely free, without ads and without a subscription required. We do not solicit donations.

Podcast with Sophronia Scott

This was a powerful conversation, including about the importance of compassion as a spiritual response to suffering and cruelty in the world.

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