About the Author: Dave Mesh

Dave Mesh is delighted with numerous family activities; thoughtfully and professionally occupied in science; brought up a Lutheran - a teacher, preaching Deacon, communion visitor; matured into a philosophical Progressive Christian. Dave is an irrepressible chorister; unrepentant wordsmith of Shaggy Dog gags; a wanderer by mind, boot leather or bicycle wheels. He may variously be referred to as Grumpa, an impractical geek, a pretty good ping-ponger, Creator’s advocate, or the voice of a poet.
  • By Published On: April 19, 2019

    We respond in awe to our life in God’s realm. The Essence of Creation encompasses us,

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  • By Published On: March 28, 2019

    The several dozen poems in this collection echo numerous Biblical Psalms, providing spiritual expressions for contemporary meditation and life. The inspirations for these poems are broadly selected from Abraham’s family, Kings David and Solomon, the Prophets, Jesus, and Epistle writers. For most of the universal emotions which make the 2500 year old praises so poignant, from cries of despondency to elation, there are expressions in this book to convey many yearnings to the ears of God. Topics, concepts, and language are current.

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