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    • David Kranz
    • In 1948, David commenced training to become a telephone technician. In 1959, he switched careers from the specifics of technology to the complexities inherent in the social work field. The shift was triggered when a senior public servant, who had observed David’s effectiveness as a Scout Leader, encouraged him to become a Probation Officer. After subsequent promotions, he served as Branch Head of the training and development team in the State Welfare Dept. As such, he recalled that he was taught no specific skill steps to effectively apply the theoretical content of his formal training at the University of Adelaide. He saw the need for a step by step method that was as manageable and reliable as tracing a call through an automatic telephone exchange. Robert Carkhuff’s work emerged to plug the gap for him — well defined skill steps detailing five levels of measurable effectiveness. David met Carkhuff, learned a ‘Human Technology’ from him, and was mentored by him. He introduced the technology to two South Australian Universities, State Government Departments, including the Education Dept. His work was well received and led him to leadership roles in national and international programs under Federal Govt. sponsorships. He retired from State Govt Service in 1987 to become Co-partner in Quest Associates, Human Resource Consultants, specializing in personal counselling, staff selection and general consultancy on the ‘human aspects’ of organizations. Quest developed and conducted nationally accredited counselling training courses at Certificate, Diploma and Degree levels.
      David holds a PhD in Religious Counselling. He has co-authored the text ‘Roadworthy skills’ which, in his 90th year, he has posted as a gift to any interested persons, at
      For many years now, David has had a yearning to blend science and spirituality, and has a passion is to draw attention to the fact that we are all integral aspects of a Cosmos that is universally aware, and as such, are co-creators in its evolutionary thrust.

Towards a Regenerative God as Creator

We live in a rapidly evolving world. Even technologists have trouble keeping up with technology. Perceptions of God are virtually static— but divided — pro—con — agnostic —indifferent.

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