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    • David Rice
    • When David Rice was seven years old, he observed a small dog trying to wake its mother which had been killed by a passing car. As he watched the grieving puppy’s vain attempts, he was struck by the depth of sadness and pain. David’s lifelong interest in feelings – both animal and human – comes through in his books, Do Animals Have Feelings Too?, Lifetimes and Because Brian Hugged His Mother. Lifetimes introduces some of nature’s longest, shortest and most unusual lifetimes and the lessons we can learn from them. Because Brian Hugged His Mother shows how a chain reaction of kindness can spread through a whole school and community as a result of a single hug. David Rice is retired elementary and special education teacher, currently residing in southern California.

Because Brian Hugged His Mother

For those who believe that books for children should teach a lesson, have a moral, be upbeat and inclusive, this is the book for them.

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