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    • Edgar Zelle

Christianity Reformed

Jesus was out to reform society—to change the way humans treat one another during their earthly journey. 

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A Long Journey

As I reflect on my journey with Jesus, My commitment to follow him has grown, but one particular teaching impressed upon me in my youth and perpetuated by the church ever since has restricted me.  I have come to the conviction that teaching that “the Bible is the Word of God and truthful in all its writings” has served as a roadblock to prevent the church from becoming the culture changing force which Jesus imagined.   

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Freeing Jesus From the Gospel Narrative

My faith journey has bypassed many traditional teachings and doctrines in recent years. While doing so has led to joy and freedom, it also involved pain in that one is leaving what was once thought to be true and satisfying. While some of my recent studies have enlightened me for my most recent understanding, I don’t recall reading any author expressing the same analysis, although I am sure others have.

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The Church and The Bible

I have done considerable reading and spent a lot of time reflecting on my own faith journey in my retirement. Much of the church’s theology no longer has meaning for me, but my faith in Jesus’ call to “Follow me,” is my inspiration and draws me to love the world and its people.

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Reimagining Christianity For Our Times

Humanity’s history is not great. It is marked by individual, clan, religious and nationalistic violence.

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Live the Love

Today we have large numbers of people who say they are spiritual but not religious. They are not interested in a ‘feel good religion that promises heaven.’ They want to be involved in making the world a better place and are tired of a religion that often comes across as bigoted and judgmental rather than accepting others in love and advocating justice for all.

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A Second Look at Jesus

If you are certain that your understanding of Jesus’ person and ministry is correct because it comes from the biblical gospels, then your first reaction to this article is that I am writing fantasy. Let me reassure you that I am very familiar with the content of the bible, I have studied theology, and I served in parish ministry for thirty-five years with a rather traditional view of Christianity.

However, seeds for change were planted during my ministry, and in retirement I have had opportunity to study the writings of a number of prominent theological scholars who have helped me to understand the gospels as ‘time sensitive’ writings. This has led to a radically different understanding of Jesus and his ministry, a change that has stimulated my faith journey. I will attempt to summarize my journey.

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Christianity And Creeds

Each of us is a unique individual. How we think, how we perceive certain events, what images we use to objectify our mental perceptions, etc., are unique to the individual. We don’t fit one common mold. Why should we think that we could expect uniformity in the most unique, complex area of personal consciousness: religious belief? It is my thinking that we should accept the historical Creeds of the Church as documents that served a purpose in their time of history, but that the historic Creeds of the past should not limit the working of God’s spirit in our own time.

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The Church and the Nones

Some Thoughts About the Church

I believe the Christian Church is in need of a REFORMATION, and that it will happen only from ‘the bottom up’ and not from the ‘leadership structure of the church.’

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