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    • Edwin (Ed) Darling
    • Edwin (Ed) Darling is a retired engineer residing in Ocala, Florida. He is married and has an adult daughter. His degree in engineering physics was earned from the Colorado School of Mines, and he proudly served in the Army Corps of Engineers. Throughout his career in technical management, he worked to refine his creative skills and enjoys bringing new creations to life – whether entire processing facilities, shop projects, musical compositions or writings. A regular church goer, he sings in the choir and holds a leadership position in his church.

What Is Knowledge?

We all possess some of it. We can grow it. We can use it. We can share it. We can store it. We can even retrieve it, although our abilities to do so may diminish over time.

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Pondering Godliness During a Pandemic

The year of our Lord 2020 provided a perfect storm of agitation and opportunity. We wrestled our way through a contentious political season where we witnessed pillars of moral society abandoned or subverted to advance partisan agendas.

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