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    • Egberto Willies is a political activist, author, political blogger, radio show host, business owner, software developer, web designer, and mechanical engineer in Kingwood, TX. Egberto is an ardent Liberal that believes tolerance is essential. His favorite phrase is “political involvement should be a requirement for citizenship”. He believes that we must get away from the current policies that reward those who simply move money/capital and produce nothing tangible for our society. If a change in policy does not occur, America will be no different than many oligarchic societies where a few are able to accumulate wealth while the rest are left out because it is mathematically impossible to catch up.

      Egberto is:

      Political Blogger at EgbertoWillies.com
      Radio show host “Politics Done Right on KPFT 90.1 FM” & “Move To Amend Reports“
      Author of “As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom”
      DailyKOS Contributing Editor
      Coffee Party USA Board of Director
      Move To Amend (MTA) Coalition Executive Committee member
      CNN iReporter with over a million page views.
      2nd Annual CNN iReport Spirit Award Honoree
      CNN iReport Pundit of the Week
      HuffPost Live frequent contributor
      Co-organizer of Occupy Kingwood
      Texas Precinct 758 Chair

Schmookler on human nature. Organizing tool for Progressives. Dems better for the economy.

Brought to you by Egberto Willies: Andy Schmookler continues his series. This time, we discuss human nature and nurture. Shire’s Erica Chomsky discusses a tool for progressive organizing.

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It’s Worth It: How to Talk To Your Right-Wing Relatives, Friends, and Neighbors

Our Politics Made Easy & Ready For Action

It does not matter how Progressive or Lefty you are. One can have a very enjoyable conversation with the most Right-Wing of relatives or friends. It is all about the approach.

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The tyranny of the Supreme Court and outdated constitutional provisions are dangerous to us all.

The Supreme Court has become a clear and present danger to us as well as certain provisions of the Constitution. We must mitigate them all now.

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It’s more than taxing the rich & wealthy but an economic redesign

It is our economic design that allowed the rich to extract everyone else’s share. It is time to examine other designs that include Modern Monetary Theory which we’ve discussed before on Politics Done Right.

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A bold sharpening of the Progressive narrative and counter-narrative a must

Politics is a dirty sport. The old saying “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight” rings true in the political realm—and today’s politics are, indeed, a gunfight. Civility is essential but when it’s lost, it cannot be recovered by living up to Michelle Obama’s admirable motto: “When they go low, we go high.” Too many Americans are in dire straits, and they are looking for someone they believe will fight for them, instead of taking the high road.

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Progressives & Democrats must be strategic if we are to win 2018

It is important that we point out problems we all perceive within the Democratic Party or within Progressive groups that fall out of scope with the tenets of the party or Progressive values.

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Professor’s explanation about Evangelical support for Trump the best analysis to date

Sometimes one runs across an article that makes you just want to say, ‘Bingo,’ that’s it. I ran across one of those articles today and I want to share it with you, of course with a Politics Done Right angle. You see if we understand the pathology of the White Evangelical, we can, like a viral bomb, work on mitigating their destruction or even changing their minds. It is important that we share these types of programs and articles with those who believe that simply calling themselves Evangelicals, make them moral. In fact, their actions say otherwise.

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Pure thoughts do not eliminate your racism, sexism, and other isms…

A few months ago I was contacted by the husband of a white woman who told me she and a friend was working on a project called “White Nonsense Roundup.” He wanted me to give them coverage. We did a Skype interview and I posted the article. It got over 41K likes and 215K views. Hell, their page is now five times as large as mine. I guess politics is too boring for most. These were two Progressive white women intent on making a difference and that they are doing.

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A warning to Democratic Party, don’t let the party lose its progressive soul

Today’s show is a continuation of many shows I’ve done before. It is an urging of Democrats to not fall into the Republican-lite trap that started with Bill Clinton’s triangulation. The party has been following that tenet ever since. It should be noted that Bill Clinton was never the political juggernaut as many would have you believe. But I will leave that for the blog of the week.

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Progressives must have a litmus test to secure the grassroots

Progressives must be strategic & opportunistic to make this year an electoral wave
If Progressives want to change America, if Progressives wish to reverse the juggernaut that is effectively destroying the middle-class, it is time to do the work the right way, and to support policies Americans can see will help their everyday lives. Nothing else will convince the voters to give up the status quo. They want folks who will fight for them not only with words but with deeds.

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Why I give racists 2nd, 3rd, and more chances and it’s about sexism

Like most men, I grew up sexist, (and homophobic). It did not help that It was the culture of the Latin American country I am from. My path away from homophobia deserves a whole article of its own. Most importantly, my path to becoming a feminist (and gay rights activist) makes me a much more empathetic person towards racists and others I am diametrically and morally opposed to for what they represent. This may sound strange, but hear me out.

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Is God punishing Texas & Florida for the governments they elected or … ?

Many in the Right Wing fringe blamed Hurricane Sandy and other disasters on gays and Liberals. Could it be time to analyze why Texas and Florida are the two states that God sent Hurricanes to decimate this season?

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Yes, Trump is a white nationalist but remembering he is screwing us all

This is the week where many Trump supporters are realizing the evils Trump represent. But let’s not take our eyes off of the ball. While it is clear that by his actions Trump must be considered a white nationalist, it is only a tool to achieve his destructive agenda. So as we cover all the Alt-Right stories, let’s not forget to expose all the sabotage on many fronts effected by the Trump administration and the Republicans.

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Let’s not let Russia hyperventilation cloud the suffering of working class America

I am tired of the hyperventilation by the media and specifically Progressives over the likely collusion between Trump and Russia at the expense of all else. …

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Trump’s First Days: I Thought I Was Done Grieving but I Was Wrong

By Brian Henry

Like many liberals and progressives, I was shocked and dismayed after the election of Donald Trump, and I went through a very real “grieving” process as I came to terms with what had happened. I thought I had accepted the reality of the election results and even felt reasonably self-assured about the future of the country and of the Democratic Party on Inauguration Day. And yet, on Day 3 of Trump’s presidency, I found myself entering a second “grieving” process having perceived the magnitude of the election in much sharper focus.

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‘Only White People,’ Said the Little Girl

Few things are more awesome than listening to kids playing on the playground. There’s magic in that mix of laughter and exhausted breaths — giggle, pant, giggle.Just the other Saturday at Maplewood’s Memorial Park, I was watching my 5-year-old playing with his friends from day care. The kids have just started kindergarten and are now split up among four schools. Some industrious mom had the idea to get them together again.It was a great idea. It was also the moment when I saw the messy birth of my son’s otherness.They were playing on one of those spinning things — you know, the one where kids learn about centrifugal force and as a bonus get crazy dizzy. They were having a blast.“Only white people,” said a little girl.

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I am still uneasy about this election no matter what the polls say

Politics Done Right on KPFT

Today we talk about Trump’s misogyny. We will talk about how the Trump campaign is attempting to use the mainstream media to change the conversation from Trump’s misogyny to a faux Clinton problem with women. We will touch on Howard Dean’s tweet raising the question of Trumps substance use.

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Trump ripped the scab off our country’s racism.

Let's get to work at eradicating the infection

Every thinking American knows that Donald Trump has ripped the scab off a very infected wound. We all know that America still suffers from the infection that is racism. But most people figured as long as we didn’t talk about it, we could avoid dealing with it. There were many who remained willfully ignorant.

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