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    • Fredrica Harris Thompsett
    • Professor of Historical Theology, Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, MA.

Living With History: The New Church’s Teaching Series

An introduction to how our knowledge of history had shaped the Anglican church as we know it. Thompsett focuses on the living tradition and memories that inform the church’s identity and mission today. She discusses how the theological insight from the past can shed light on the problems of today.

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A Grandmother’s Legacy: Wading in the Waters, Day by Day

Most of us have stories to tell about our everyday ministries as they
are played out beyond the walls of church buildings. Remembering our
baptism is an ongoing adventure that involves wading in the waters of
Christian living.

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Prophecy in the Progressive Church

Prophecy in the progressive church does not mean being doctrinaire. It does mean speaking out as a child of God. It probably means that we have just forgotten to ask the questions. The prophets asked the questions. Biblical ones did. And we often forget that asking questions can be the real way to God. Let’s think along that line for awhile.

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