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    • George Hofman
    • George Hofmann created Practicing Mental Illness to teach people with affective disorders that there is more to getting well than medicine and therapy. Drawing on his own experience, training with leaders in mindfulness and meditation, and consultation with medical professionals, he developed a program to help people manage and overcome episodes of depression, mania and anxiety. His workshops have been presented to support groups, families and friends of those with mental illness, healthcare professionals, medical students, church groups and corporations. George also maintains the website and writes the blog Practicing Mental Illness. It promotes the therapies of meditation, movement and meaningful work.

      George writes the blog “Getting Older With Bipolar” on PsychCentral. The blog covers issues of aging and mental illness, current research in the field of mental health, and mindfulness and other adjunct therapies. He has also been asked to contribute a monthly post to the International Bipolar Foundation. The IBPF featured George in a video post on meditation and mental illness last year.

      His unique experience includes years of life dragged down by hospitalizations and suicide attempts while struggling to live with bipolar disorder 1. Periods of meteoric success were decimated by times of near poverty. People were hurt, a career was ruined, and money was squandered. Then George began to apply the methods taught through Practicing Mental Illness. As a result, he has lived since 2006 free of significant episodes of anxiety, depression or mania.

      He places a special emphasis on Christian meditation practices such as the Divine Office, Lectio Divina and centering prayer in his teaching.

      George is the author of Resilience: Handling Anxiety in a Time of Crisis from Changemakers Books. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, their daughter and two poorly behaved dogs.

The Scorn of Those Who Are At Ease

I’ve been spending a lot of time with psalm 123 lately. The church I attend had a session on the theology of mental illness and this psalm speaks directly to the mindset behind the stigma that so many, like me, with serious mental illness confront.

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