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Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) is national non-profit organization working towards an America where people of different faiths, worldviews, and traditions can bridge differences and find common values to build a shared life together. To advance this vision, we work in American higher education, partnering with colleges and universities to equip students and educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources to meaningfully engage complex issues of religious difference and diversity and ultimately build bonds of civility and mutual respect across lines of deep difference. To learn more about news and updates from IFYC visit our website - https://ifyc.org/. Our staff has years of experience and expertise addressing some of the most challenging issues of religious and worldview diversity facing campuses, educators, and young people today. Additionally, our national network of students, educators, and rising leaders offers a wealth of stories and perspectives on engaging religious diversity and working towards pluralism, both on campus and beyond. Get in touch with our team for inquiries, background information, connections, and interviews with IFYC staff, including our Founder and President, Eboo Patel.
  • By Published On: June 3, 2020

    There are no two sides. It's not just a couple of clouds shrouding the sun. And the fire is not in the sky, it's in the land. Sometimes containing that fire is the wrong move. Sometimes you need to let it burn through you, the sadness, the anger, the 'Is this really still happening ... STILL ... still?"