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    • John England
    • Dr John C. England has worked ecumenically for theological education and action in many Asian-Pacific networks and countries since 1969. This was first on the staff of the EACC/Christian Conference of Asia, then at the Tao Fong Shan Ecumenical Centre, Hong Kong, and later as Associate Dean for the Programme for Theologies and Culture in Asia (PTCA) in Hong Kong, Kyoto and Christchurch. More recently he has been the chief Editor/writer for the Research Guide to Asian Christian Theologies (Delhi, Manila, New York, 2001-2004).

      His main concerns include assisting the recovery of Asian Christian histories and resources; the nurture of theological reflection which arises within and supports daily work, and social and political action; and the development of patterns for doing contextual theology which use local and indigenous resources.
      Apart from the three volumes of Asian Christian Theologies, his main writings include Living Theology in Asia (ed., London and New York, 1981, 2012), The Hidden History of Christianity in Asia –before 1500 (Delhi, 1998), Doing Theology with Asian Resources (ed. with Lee Chi Cheung, Auckland, 1993), and with Rita M. England Ministering Asian Faith and Wisdom – A Manual for Theological Librarians ( Quezon City, 2001).

Wagering to Live: Can Living be Prayer?

Wagering to Live is manual-in-process for those who are asking; “Isn’t our daily life, work and struggle more important than prayer?” and who wish to dig further in the relationship of life, action and survival to dimensions of reflection, intention and expectancy-how life itself in home, work-place or socio-political movement, could become the offering in action of body-mind-and-spirit-how, in brief, ‘your action is your true worship’.

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The Foundational Way -The Human Life of Jesus

Although revered as a ’Jewish holy one’ Jesus was seen to much enjoy ‘secular’ life on the streets, and in doorways, on hillsides and seashores and in village centres. He was most often seen and heard in these ‘secular’ places for there he carried out nearly all his teaching, demonstrating and healing.

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The central problem of ‘rampant evil’ and a ‘loving God’?

How do we pray to God – who seems not to be God, merciful, loving and delivering – for countless women and men in deepest need? How do we move from thanksgiving for our own lives to intercession for those who innocently suffer destitution or even mass atrocity? As if we would stand with Aaron as he ‘stands between the living and the dead’ to halt the plague (Numbers 16:48), while knowing that at countless times the plague, the tragic agonies, do not stop for so many women, men and children…continuing ‘holocausts’…

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