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    • John Schimminger

Call to Worship

Leader: Blessed be God, the Source of all Being.
People: Blessed be God, the Breath of the Universe, the Wisdom behind Nature and the Scriptures.
Leader: Blessed be God, the Way of Reconciliation and Healing.

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When Man from Eden New-Cast Out

When Man from Eden new-cast out then tore at Earth and ripped
Her coal and iron, her oil and gold, his melancholy tipped
The world toward devastated blight, toward envy, hatred, wars.
They turned sweet hills to desert wastes and pocked the Earth with sores.

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A Eucharistic Prayer for Lent and the Via Negativa

The Great Thanksgiving

It is right and a good and joyful thing to give thanks to you always, Creator God, because you have made the world in all its complexity.

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A Poem of Faith

We look to experience the unknowable Power,
The Power behind the world of knowable things.

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Celebrating the Presence of God

Liturgy for a Season Celebrating the Presence of God in His Created World

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Come Spirit, Bless Us with Your Fire

A new hymn from John Schimminger of St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church, Buffalo NY

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