• Jon Canas
    • Jon’s awareness of life as a spiritual journey began at an early age when he was in a Catholic boarding school while growing up in France. He once considered the priesthood but then decided on a business career. In his early thirties, he was introduced to the progressive Christian writings of Joel Goldsmith. Jon began to avidly study the messages from the masters of the world’s major religions. His highly ecumenical unfolding had begun. His book “Religion, Politics, and Reclaiming the Soul of Christianity: A Spiritual Imperative for Our Time and Our Nation” was published a few months before his 83rd birthday.

Abortion Revisited

Understanding the distinctive nature of man and woman as consciousness is quite important in defining the uniqueness of human life beyond our biology or psychology. This distinction becomes paramount when faced with critical moral issues, such as abortion, capital punishment, and euthanasia.   

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Religion, Politics, and Reclaiming the Soul of Christianity

A Spiritual Imperative for Our Time and Our Nation

God’s unconditional love is the quintessential element, the heart and soul of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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