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    • Judith Berry
    • I was born in 1935 and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I was married 53-years to my high school sweetheart. I raised five children and lost two of my sons, one in 1992 at age 26 and the other recently at age 60. I have 11 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.

      I moved to South Carolina in 2006 and then my husband died shortly thereafter.

      I have been a writer since high school and then later taking several college courses one a creative writing course and the other an English course. I was a guest columnist from 2011 until 2018 for The Star a local newspaper in the small town that I now live. In the early 2000’s I had eight articles in The Detroit Free Press, and also periodically wrote for The Voice another small town newspaper. I have written several children’s books but nothing has been published. The Salisbury Press accepted one of my children’s books, but I had to put the money up front to be published and I couldn’t afford it at the time.

      When my children left the nest, I went to work for the Detroit Police Department and worked for them for 22-years. I was the first civilian to be trained in Crime Prevention and designed a brochure on Child Molestation that was used in the elementary schools of the Detroit School System. I was editor for The Sentinel that was the newsletter for the Crime Prevention Association of Michigan and also served on that Board for nine years.

      My husband was a pastor from 1960-1980, so I served as pastor’s wife for all those years, teaching Sunday school and serving on the church council. I also took a religious course called, The Bethel Bible Series and was trained to be a teacher.

      My philosophy of life is to take one day at a time and do the best in all phases of living. I believe that God, the Creator, gave us all many traits in which we can tap into if we realize they are always there within us.

      Always be thankful for your life, and for all the blessings that God has given you in this world and be kind to each other.

A Special Place

I was reading a book this morning entitled, “Crossing the Threshold of Hope”, by John Paul II, the copyright was 1994. I went to bed early and woke at 5am, so decided to read before getting up. This was a “sort of” question and answer book. The book dealt with specific questions asked of John Paul by the compiler, Vittorio Messori

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A different kind of prayer

I’m not a Buddhist, but I love what Lao-tzu the Chinese prophet writes in the 70th verse of the Tao Te Ching (interpreted by Wayne Dyer). I find all of the verses (81) are full of wisdom and common sense. I suspect, perhaps, that Jesus might have known of Lao-Tzu’s writings, as so much of what he taught are very similar. Certainly Lao-Tzu’s wisdom was passed down through the ages the 500 years before Jesus.

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Do you get it?

Many of the things the Christian church professes are things that happened over 2,500 years ago. We know by science and technology that certain things simply could not have happened the way the Bible says. It might have been all right in those early years to believe in certain ways because nobody knew any different, but to continue to propagate ancient beliefs and myths is unconscionable in my opinion. I remember one theologian saying, “You wouldn’t take your sick child to a doctor who practices medicine like they did some 18 centuries ago, would you?” So why do we practice our religion like they did that long ago?

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What’s really important in life?

Because we are here – God’s DNA is in all of us, and he gave us a mind and a conscious and a passion for life to live it to the fullest. Keep your heart and mind open to all that surrounds you and figure out for yourself what is important in life. Be glad that you were able to witness this wonderful world the short time you will be here.

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