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    • Kathryn Lofton
    • Kathryn Lofton is the Sarai Ribicoff Associate Professor of American Studies and Religious Studies at Yale University, an Editor-at-Large for The Immanent Frame, and co-curator (with John Lardas Modern) of Frequencies. A specialist in nineteenth and twentieth-century U.S. religions, she has written on the histories of evangelicalism, consumerism, African American religion, and the academic study of religion. Her first book, Oprah: The Gospel of an Icon, was published by the University of California Press in 2011. She is currently working on several projects, including a study of sexuality and religion; an analysis of parenting practices in twentieth-century America; and a religious history of Bob Dylan. Read Kathryn Lofton's interview with Nathan Schneider.


Mormonism Cost Romney the Election (But It’s Not What You Think)

Mitt Romney didn’t lose the election because he’s a Mormon, he lost because he isn’t Mormon enough. All political candidates must prove that they’re just like us, yet this requires some demystification: you cannot just tell us …

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Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church: Sex Abuse and the Study of Religion

Over the next several weeks, The Immanent Frame will post remarks from a conference held on the campus of Yale University, “Sex Abuse and the Study of Religion.” That event sought to connect leading scholars in the humanities with the emerging documentary record of the Catholic sex abuse crisis.

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