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    • L. Robert Keck

Healing as a Sacred Path: A Story of Personal, Medical, and Spiritual Transformation

Many people may be only dimly aware of the profound changes taking place in the medical establishment. In an appealing narrative style, Bob Keck offers a personal and social history of the transformation of medicine from being totally materialistic and mechanistic to becoming comprehensive, holistic, and integrated. He provides scientific data and a rational basis for accepting the irrational, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the healing process. Although the book is aimed primarily at the individual, religious communities as a whole could profit from paying attention to what Keck has to say about developing an appreciation of the sacred in the quest for physical health (James R. Adams, TCPC)

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Sacred Eyes

Sacred Quest: The Evolution & Future of the Human Soul

Robert Keck’s new science of the collective human Soul’s evolutionary journey makes sense of current, worldwide paradigm shifts and faith-quakes, and it promotes our participation in spiritual emergence.. Keck’s research suggests that change, evolution, and transformation are basic ingredients of the Soul’s history.

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The Four Values That Will Define the Future of Christianity

I invite you to think with me about how our notions of progressive Christianity fit within the larger context of a growing and changing human journey. The world in which we are living and working can no longer be viewed from within narrow or restricted perspectives. Let’s revisit the big picture of the history and evolution of the human Soul, that I introduced yesterday, thinking about how there has been a different DNA of Soul for each evolutionary epoch, specific values to facilitate humanity’s maturational journey.

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Christianity in the Chrysalis: An Evolutionary Perspective on Today’s Chaos

Robert Keck discusses deep-value
research, which suggests that, after developing the human ego and mind
for 10,000 years, humanity’s new evolutionary direction is toward spiritual maturity.

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