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    • Lea Mathieu

The Literate Spirit: Suggested Reading for Believers and Seekers

In this “kiss to the world of great writing,” Lea Mathieu urges readers to feed on books that nourish the soul by discussing texts from various genres that have somehow transformed her own life.  They are drawn from “the wealth of secular literature that serves a sacred purpose, that speaks to our search for deeper understanding of the human condition in all its pain and beauty, suffering, glory, and possibility.  Literature that yearns toward holiness.”

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The Bible and Homosexuality- A Faithful Look

Too many Christians blindly accept that the Bible condemns homosexuality, but rarely are the few verses that do so discussed in their textual and cultural settings. The author, a United Church of Christ minister, investigates the small print and finds no support for oppression and bigotry in the name of faith.  This article was prompted by protests against the ordination of openly gay clergy in her husband’s Lutheran congregation.

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