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    • Lorna Knox
    • Lorna is currently a teacher at The Living Wisdom School in Portland, OR and our main writer for the TCPC Children's Curriculum Project.
      After a career in nursing and health education, Lorna served as education director at the Ananda Temple for more than 10 years and developed a curriculum that eventually was published: I Came From Joy! Spiritual Affirmations and Activities for Children. Her second book is Scary News: 12 Ways to Raise Joyful Children When the Headlines are Full of Fear. With her husband, she has homeschooled their 3 children (ages 19, 15 and 11) for more than 12 years while actively supporting the Living Wisdom School, and Lorna taught in the primary class part-time during the 06-07 school year. She says, “The children in Living Wisdom feel secure and supported, so they don’t hesitate to express themselves and try new things, which is really fun for teachers.” Lorna especially loves to teach history and find fun ways to encourage children to write.

I Came From Joy!

Spiritual Affirmations and Activities for Children

I Came From Joy! is a beautifully conceived, non-sectarian tool for developing a child’s inner, spiritual life–ideal for parents, teachers, youth group leaders, and religious educators. Written for children age 5-11, but adaptable for all ages, I Came From Joy! offers fun and uplifting exercises that teach children values such as kindness, love, concentration, happiness, discrimination, sharing, patience, security, and how to be a success.

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