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    • Megan Wagner
    • I have been working as a therapist and spiritual guide for 40 years, creating transformational experiences through teaching, training and traveling.

      I am also an author, storyteller, ritual leader and Interfaith Minister. I am passionate about psycho-spiritual healing and initiation and have written 8 books and over 40 guided meditations to help people deepen their spiritual practice. I have also designed and created 33 Ceremonial Robes for ritual and ceremony.

      I am Director of Tree of Life Teachings International, Director of Spiritual Psychology at The Chaplaincy Institute in California, creator of The Feminine Path of Power, a teacher at Nine Gates Mystery School and Co-Creator of AncientFuture.Today for personal and collective Mastery.

Coronavirus Podcast: A Spiritual Response

We are living in extraordinary times! We asked The Grand Council to do a PODCAST about the Coronavirus and we just posted the results!

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Spiritual Tools

Many of us are feeling post-election trauma and are sensitive to the great disturbance occurring in the “collective field”.

As difficult as this is, it is calling us as a spiritual community to galvanize our strength, stand together and stay fiercely connected to our core. It’s important to stay committed to our spiritual practices so we can be fully present.

Today I want to offer you some FREE tools to help you get grounded, centered, and ready to meet the challenges ahead.

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