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    • Miles and Maralene Wesner
    • Maralene and Miles Wesner are multi-talented teachers and prolific writers. They have published over 150 Audio-Visual Education aids, and pioneered new reading methods with their Phonics in a Nutshell (1965).
      They have written articles, and mission studies for Southern Baptist periodicals.
      They’ve published several books with Broadman Press: A Fresh Look at the Gospel (1983); You Are What You Choose (1984); and How To Be a Saint When You Feel Like a Sinner (1986) and self-published 30 books by Diversity Press.
      They are noted for their no-nonsense style, their clear illustrations, and their willingness to face controversial issues. From the dual perspectives of both academic and religious professions, they seek to be a bridge between the spiritual and the intellectual worlds.
      They hold Masters Degrees (MEd) from Oklahoma University plus work toward a Doctorate. Miles also attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and served as a High School Counselor. During this time he has been the bi-vocational pastor of a small rural church for over 50 years.
      They’ve both taught in public school and collages and served as Educational Consultants. Maralene taught Psychology and Speech for Southeastern Oklahoma State University for 32 years. She was chosen Oklahoma Teacher of the Year in 1975.
      They have planned, led tours, and done research in all of the 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Egypt, Japan, and the Holy Land. In 1985, they were among a small group of Americans who were invited by Dr. Joseph P. Kennedy of the US/China Education Foundation and Bishop Ting, leader of the Three Self Movement, to participate in the First Symposium on the Church in Nanjing, China.
      Now, they use their lifetime of varied experiences to write insightful sermons, essays and books.

The Common Sense Gospel

For thousands of years fanatical religious leaders have been trying to make people accept complicated and irrational systems of belief. Each group has different requirements and rituals. Each group claims their demands come straight from the mouth of their god. Each group uses threats and rewards to ensure obedience.

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