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    • Pat Conover

Clarify and Expand the Second Amendment

I am a former gun owner who has come to realize how badly the United States needs to substantially restrict gun ownership in public spaces.

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A Win for the World

The first win for the world would be a free, strengthened, unified, and rebuilt Ukraine. The bigger win for the world would be a Russian Federation that has the capacity to defend itself militarily but not the capacity to invade other nations. That would open the door to invite Russia into the new world economic order again.

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Courage in a Dark Time

Dear God, help us to welcome our fears and respond with caring and courage as individuals and as a community. Dear Jesus, we would like to be a community you would be proud of as we struggle to live up to your inspiration and follow your guidance. Dear Spirit, help us build the heart to heart bonds so that we can trust our way into being in this together.

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Christian Faith and Political Governance of Economy

  Sermon for Seekers Church for November 6th, 2016   The Call Statement of Seekers says that citizenship matters. This is a sermon concerning Christian faith grounding for citizenship. This is the worst presidential campaign I remember …

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