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    • Plymouth Congregational Church - Wichita
    • The Congregational Way is a way of following Christ. People of a Congregational Church do not seek to be led by a creed or strictly defined belief systems, rather by the Spirit of God. Ours is the tradition of a free church, gathered under the headship of Christ and bound to others by love and faith, not law or required belief statements. The elements of faith that bind a Congregational Church together are expressed in the church covenant.

      The Plymouth Church Covenant:

      Believing in Jesus Christ, the Interpreter of God to humankind, we accept his teachings as the guiding principles of our lives and consecrate ourselves and our church to their fulfillment. We, therefore, join in covenant, one with another, to worship, work, and serve together that we may express through our church and our individual lives the love and faith taught by Jesus Christ.

      Our Constitution States:

      We grant to each person the right to individual interpretation of the principles of the Christian religion, and respect every person's honest religious convictions.

Sermon: I Still Trust Women

Sermon Video June 5, 2022, with Rev. Karen Robu, Associate Minister, Plymouth Congregational Church

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