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    • realmsofday
    • I was born in Yorkshire, England and live near Philadelphia, USA. I am a former merchant mariner; professional writer and community college teacher; I retired from a juvenile justice career. I have been involved in numerous social causes and explored various religions, sects and cults. My spiritual growth began with a dramatic conversion in 1963, and subsequent old-style evangelism, before I questioned dogma. I have written a collection of meditations, prayers and contemporary canticles that have been used for innovative worship services. You are welcome to request, adapt and use them in any constructive way.

      Because I became frustrated with my church for refusing to discuss progressive spiritual views, I have recently started an independent forum. Its aim is to make ancient values more relevant to our current age. I am inviting anyone who would like to explore and promote such issues to join my mailing list by replying to I use modern language, psychologically sound principles and contemporary themes to develop well established spiritual precepts.

Our Goodness

Derived from the Lord's Prayer

Our Goodness, which is in compassion,
We revere your vision.
May we support your ways
In common deeds
As we do in our highest ideals.

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A Creation Story Retold

When skies on high were not yet named
Nor earth below defined in voice,
Thoughts, the first ones, their perceivers
And Creativity, who ordered them,
Mixed their recollects together,

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One Breath

One breath; one breath at time,
a breath-on-breath is all we get:
and you cannot take it with you

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Conjectures and Assertions

Science and religion often seem irreconcilable; yet ironically they share a common faith. Along with artists, social activists and others, they put their faith in the same entity: closed-minded thinking to sanction shared views. Thanks to this unsubstantiated restriction, few people challenge standardized ideas, events and actions.

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For Openness to Change

I wish for the source of ageless restoration to renew my spirit of transformation; then enliven enthusiasm, enlighten acumen and enhance kindness with patient understanding.

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A Creed of Peace

Peace makes us One with each other

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A Creed for Healing

I believe in a soothing impulse, where Healing restores what is Good

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