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    • Reasons to be Cheerful
    • Conventional wisdom says that we are hopelessly divided. That we have little in common. That our disagreements are signs of a fundamental, irreconcilable rift.

      But this narrative masks a larger truth. We humans are incredibly skilled at overcoming division.

      For six weeks, Reasons to be Cheerful is exploring our capacity, and our deep desire, to bridge our divides. In this very special project, published in collaboration with media outlets across North America, we are delving into the many ways people come together through science, politics, technology, religion, social movements and culture. We’re telling these stories through evidence-based reporting, analysis and first-person experiences.

      We will never all want the same thing. But if we can locate the bridges we’ve already built, maybe we can build more of them.

Why Millennials Are Moving Into Convents With Nuns

Even as young people eschew religion, some are forming unexpected bonds with sisters of faith through a shared commitment to social justice.

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Is This the Unlikeliest Friendship in America?

Bridging Divides: Sheila and Glenn

She’s a gay rights activist. He’s an evangelical Christian. In our new video series, they explain why “impossible” friendships can be our most valuable.

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