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    • Rev. Aurelia Dávila Pratt
    • Aurelia Dávila Pratt is the Lead Pastor at Peace of Christ Church and co-host of the Nuance Tea Podcast. She is co-chair of the Religious Liberty Council of the Baptist Joint Committee and President of the board for Nevertheless She Preached – a national, ecumenical preaching event designed to elevate the voices of womxn on the margins. Aurelia is also a licensed social worker who serves on the Board of Advocates for the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University. Find her on Instagram or Twitter @revaureliajoy where she shares pastoral care nuggets for deconstructing Christians and people of faith.

If there is no hell…

I’m agnostic and if it’s true there is no hell it would be a relief, but this has raised some questions: What about those who have sinned? What happens to those who have broken some of God’s rules or do you not believe in sin either?

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What should I do about faith?

I don’t feel too comfortable in Episcopalian services because it feels like that same old, literal view again being pushed onto the parishioners. I don’t know what my faith can be anymore and a part of me wants to give up.

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Following the Golden Rule

I grew up in a context where interfaith work was considered radical and borderline dangerous. Yet, it is this exact realization of the Golden Rule’s existence in such a wide variety of faith traditions that compelled me to interfaith work in my community.

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No Longer Believe the Nicene Creed?

How does one who values Jesus’s teachings and the ritual of the Eucharist continue attending church when one does not truly believe the Nicene Creed? I feel dishonest speaking those words.

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How to apologize when you’re the one who is owed an apology

Sermon at Peace of Christ Church, August 25, 2019 – “How to apologize when you’re the one who is owed an apology” – Rev. Aurelia Davila Pratt

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Give the Sabbath

Sermon at Peace of Christ Church, August 25, 2019 – “Give the Sabbath” – Rev. Aurelia Davila Pratt

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God as She: Why it Matters

Sermon at Peace of Christ Church, September 9, 2018 – “God as She: Why it Matters” – Rev. Aurelia Davila Pratt

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Beautiful Heretics: The Survivors

Sermon at Peace of Christ Church, February 11, 2018 – “Beautiful Heretics: The Survivors” – Rev. Aurelia Davila Pratt

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Resurrection Sunday: Everything Rises

April 21, 2019 – “Resurrection Sunday: Everything Rises”

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