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    • Rev. Fran Pratt
    • Fran is an Author, Pastor, Litanist, and Christian mystic. Visit her website at

Deconstruction and Death

Perhaps you can resonate with the idea that we are, at our core, in our truest selves, spiritual beings which transcend physicality and 3-dimensional reality. Like me, maybe you can find comfort in the idea that when our time of being inside this physical reality is over, we return to Spirit, and to our truest and most brilliant selves.

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Why do we still pay attention to the Bible in 2020?

I consider the Bible to be the story of one particular segment of world culture’s interaction with the Divine over time. The story begins with one insular clan relating to the Divine in all the ways complex and fallible humans do, getting some ideas right and misunderstanding others.

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Call and Response: Litanies for Congregational Prayer

A compilation of modern call and response litanies intended for congregational use. Whether your community is liturgical and looking for fresh language, or contemporary and looking to incorporate liturgical elements, this volume contains relevant, reflective prayers that call congregations deeper into the story of Divine Love.

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Litany for No More War

We must cultivate peace in our own hearts first, allowing the Peace of Christ to root there. This is our work as we pray for peace in the whole earth.

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