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    • Rev. Lawrence T. Richardson
    • Rev. Lawrence T. Richardson is a Pastor, a self proclaimed Digital Evangelist, and a Leadership Coach. When he is not traveling, speaking or writing about life, faith, or social issues, he uses multiple online platforms to minister to followers that span the globe. Lawrence has been featured in publications such as the Salt Collective, Huffington Post Religion, Believe Out Loud and The Root, and is the recipient of numerous leadership and service awards. You can follow him online @Larry2_0 and find out more about him and his work at

Allowing Children to Dress for Church in Ways That Embrace their Full Selves

As a 7 year old, I  was usually allowed to dress myself.  So I chose to run around with my hair in Jerhi curls, frayed blue jeans and a t-shirt. To the world, I looked like a girl, but in my heart, I was planning on growing up to be a man.This was long before I discovered the word transgender.

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I Know What Heaven Looks Like: A Modern Day Coming of Age Story

I Know What Heaven Looks Like: A Modern Day Coming of Age Story is the debut creative nonfiction novel by Lawrence Richardson.

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