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    • Sara Kay
    • Sara Kay sings and writes progressive spiritual music. Her lyrics focus on fresh images of God, enjoying the sacredness of daily life, finding hope in difficult times, celebrating the beauty of Creation, etc. Plus she writes completely re-imagined lyrics to familiar hymn tunes. Sara also sings in the Sugar Daddys Jazz Band.

To the Tune of a Welcoming God


“David Weiss has created a resource that yokes familiar hymns to his own original texts. Interpreted through Sara Kay’s clear and beautiful singing, these hymns offer a passionate voice of justice and inclusivity to Christian communities. The …

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God of the Water and God of the Land

Tune: Slane (Be Thou My Vision)

God of the water and God of the land,
Work in us now and help us be Your hands,
Faithfully tending the seeds that we’ve sown –
In Your great garden, we’re never alone.

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